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A rare day with cotton trousers. WIWT Jun 12, 2013

Once a staple of my wardrobe, cotton chinos are now loosing out to wool and linen trousers (depending on season). I still own a few pairs but mostly use them for casual outfits on weekends (they are, after all, very comfortable).

The trousers in the pictures above, which are arguably the most formal chinos I own (high-waisted, creased and with 2” cuffs), still feel almost too casual to pair with a jacket and tie. They also wrinkle like crazy (which is not such an attractive feature in chinos compared to linen trousers) and therefore require constant ironing to look sharp. Nevertheless, I really like the dark-sand colour of these trousers and I think it goes very well with the darker browns of SC worn in the pictures.

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