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First day of autumn

Today is the first day of autumn and even though we have already been experiencing autumn-like temperatures for a a week or two I didn’t bring my autumn clothing from storage until this weekend. With temperatures on the low 10s, flannel trousers seem like a really good idea today.

As a side note, another sure sign of autumn is the sudden crowding of our campus with returning students as well as new students wandering aimlessly looking for lecture halls with inspiring names such as KB3B1 or NC275.

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The patterned business suit

As a contrast to the rather casual PoW suit worn yesterday, this suit is a few notches more formal, even if the basic pattern is the same. First, the basic colour is mid-grey, compared to brown yesterday. Second, the blue overcheck is rather subtle, so from only a short distance the suit looks solid grey. Third, the shoes are plain cap-toes in burgundy where as yesterday’s outfit featured half-brouges in a lighter brown colour.

Nevertheless, this is still not strictly CBD - the candy striped shirt and paisley pocket square both work to reduce the level of formality. 

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I am usually not very fond of light ties with darker shirts, or at least I find it to be a look that is very hard to pull off well. I recently got this royal blue shirt from my shirtmaker and I had originally intended to use it more casually, without ties. But today I decided to try it out with a lighter tie, just to challenge myself to wear combinations I am not normally used to wearing. Because of the rather bright colour of the shirt and tie, I decided to go with muted colours of tan and white for the rest of the outfit. I’m actually kind of pleased with the look and I think it turned out far better that I thought it would. Sometimes it good to push you boundaries, I guess. 

WIWT Aug 8, 2013

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