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Anonymous asked: Hello sir! Just a quick question regarding the Charles Tyrwhitt trousers you wore in today's pictures. How would you rate them in terms of quality and construction? You seem to have quite a few very high quality suits from established clothiers, so what made you choose C.T trousers over any other (and more expensive) brands? I'm trying to find a new staple company for trousers, especially if priced below 200$ per pair. Thank you and I love your blog!

I have found it very hard to motivate myself to spend a lot of money on odd trousers for a number of reasons. 

First, I appear to have no problem finding trousers that fit me well, and just about any brand I have tried have worked out for me, so I have lots of possible brands to choose from. 

Second, most odd trousers I have get reasonable amounts of wear and therefore wear out rather quickly.  I have found that Charles Tyrwhitt’s trousers represent a fairly good trade-off between quality and price. I would lie if I said that CTs trousers are of the same quality as my Incotex trousers are, but on the other hand the Incotex are about 4-5 times more expensive and I am not convinced that they are worth the extra money (to me, I should say).

Third, I have been searching long and hard for a pair of mid-grey trousers in a shade I like (not too light, not too dark) and I have found it incredibly difficult to locate a suitable pair online. These CT trousers was the closest I could get, without getting into MTM. Sure, I would have liked the cloth to be slightly heavier, but for £75 it was still a pretty sweet deal and I must say they have held up pretty well given how much I have used them. 

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