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WIWT May 15, 2013

I am very fond of cloth that looks solid from a distance but that show subtle patterns upon closer inspection. I think this adds a little life to the suit as the appearance of the cloth changes as the suit moves. This grey suit is made up in a nice, smooth nailhead cloth consisting of alternating white and black threads. The cloth is rather light (probably 8-9 oz, or 230-250 grams, at most) super 120 and sourced from the Italian mill Vitale Barberis Canonico. This is the perfect summer suit for the not so warm summers here in the north. 

Today’s outfit is again rather sombre (not unlike Monday). The only frivolities are burgundy socks and braces (which really should not be visible!) that add just a touch of colour.

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Four-pattern Thursday

It is notoriously difficult to pull off four-pattern fits as there is very little room for error - just the wrong scale or colour on an item and the outfit can easily look incoherent. I only attempt this using patterns that are relatively muted and for outfits that have an overall conservative look. In the photo above the suit, which has a PoW pattern with light blue over check, looks solid from only a few steps away. Take another few steps away and both tie and shirt looks almost solid as well, with only the pocket square providing some colour. 

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