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Almost CBD

CBD or Conservative Business Dress is what you should wear for those important job interviews, keynotes, difficult negotiations, fancy meetings or if you are the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. CBD is all about an muted and conservative colour palette (think navy or dark grey), classic proportions and a total lack of affectations. In fact, to push the CBD outfit into Ultra-Conservative Business Dress (UCBD) one usually removes pocket squares and fancy (i.e. expensive) watches.

I was performing a few official functions at work today and hence needed a rather conservative outfit and ended up with what is pictured above. Not exactly CBD as the tie may be a little too colourful to be truly CBD and the PS is silk rather than linen. Also, the choice of a three-piece over a two piece suit isn’t really considered strict CBD today, even if it was so thirty, forty years ago. Still, being at a university I don’t need to adhere to the strict CBD code and this is pretty much as formal as I ever dress up at work.  

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The navy worsted suit

If you read any book on men’s style or visit any of the online fora devoted to menswear, you will inevitably come across the suggestion that the most versatile colour for a suit is navy In fact, the suggestion for a first suit for a novice is almost always to go for a navy suit in a non-patterned, worsted fabric (charcoal would be the other alternative).  The good thing about navy suits is that they go with just about any accessory you can come up with and they can be worn to pretty much any occasion. My main problem navy suits is that they often can have a rather formal “air” around them (which of course is good if that is what you are after), but also that I find navy to be a boring colour. Because of this, I have exactly one navy piece in my wardrobe - the suit in the photos above. As I work in an environment that is rather casual, whenever I find myself wearing the suit I try and pair it up with accessories that play down the formality - in this case a butcher-striped shirt, burgundy wool tie and dark oak coloured shoes - and this is still a formal as I ever get dressed up at work. 

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White trousers definitely means summer to me and since we have had a few sweltering (by Northern Scandinavian standards) days here I decided to break out my white trousers. I am a sucker for the combination of white and navy, so I paired them with a navy blazer (although the blazer has been hanging on the back of my chair for most of the day).

WIWT May 29, 2013

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